Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Get Hard "Forced Addict: Part One (Four Months)

Get Hard "Forced Addict: Part One (Four Months)" CS

In honor of October 31st; "Forced Addict: Part One (Four Months)". These two tracks are the product of the twisted inner-workings of Jake Vreeland, sole creator of the minimalist Noise/Power Electronics project Get Hard. Low-pulsations/uncomfortable sample placements (it is hard to tell if it is Vreeland himself or ripped-audio) is the method of choice. Loops and blown-out high-register sounds end "The Taste", my personal favorite from this c10. A haunting soundtrack for a nightmare (or in this case, Halloween).

"You're my precious little're so innocent, and you're mine forever." 


Copies of this are currently unavailable on the Waterpower website. Forums/Discogs are the only current option. 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Miscreant "Reflection" CS

Miscreant "Reflection" CS 

Thumping and bumping Power Electronics two-piece from the Bay Area. Mechanical sounds mixed with pulsating low-end textures with the occasional high-end spurts and bursts for good measure. Disgusted lyrics executed with barbaric vocals (divided amongst both performers), covering subject matter that is not suited for the weak. Light sample use on Side B.

"...Meat Market on parade, this is the dawn of a cowards era..."


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